I’m Nat, a professional sports & portrait photographer

I am most alive behind the camera and love what I do!

Photography started off as a way to get through nursing school and quickly became a passion I couldn't turn away from. After becoming a nurse, I kept a camera in my hand during my days off. Eventually I hung up my stethoscope for good and now here I am, 15 years later, traveling the country and doing everything I love!

Fact 1

I am a Leap Year Baby! Yep, born on February 29th! So that makes me 9 years old in Leap Years!

Fact 2

I am a HUGE sports fan! I would LOVE nothing more than to attend a game at every professional sports arena there is!

Fact 3

Foster care and adoption are front and center in my life. I will always and forever advocate for and promote both!

Fact 4

I have social anxiety but love people! HORRIBLY! The most introverted extrovert you may ever meet!

A few of the reasons I love shooting sports are below! These two are blessed to travel the country doing what they love and I am honored to get to share these passions with them!